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I love my car- Question is at the end.

Crossposted to my personal journal:

Its over 18 years old. Got a large rusted dent in the drivers door. Rust all over the undercarriage. Sucks up gas like a pornstar. Takes several minutes to start in cold weather. Occasionally stalls in cold weather(only when stopped already thank god). Won't start at all in cold weather if the radio is on. Radio gets interference on all channels. Shifter is... imprecise(often I'll shift to reverse, and it will go into neutral). Its engine is seriously underpowered for a car that big. Sharp turns go like a drunken crack monkey on heroin. The brakes, while in good condition, are of such old design that they are very prone to locking. It is absolute hell to park the thing. With the gas cap behind the license plate, its sometimes very difficult to pull up to a gas pump.

But goddamnit the thing is mine. Piece of shit, but its mine. I get behind the wheel, and it becomes an extension of myself. I'm scared for when my mom drives it when her car is in the shop next week... some of its quirks require you to really be in tune with how it moves to completely compensate for. Its a good car, quite safe, but it takes getting used to more than any other vehicle I've driven.

And I've paid a total of 275 for the car, 200 for the transmission rebuild, and will be paying less than 100 for the rest of the work it needs(which should take care of the starting issues and stalls, and probably even help fuel efficiency). Even the transmission work wasn't critical, the thing still worked. Incredible bargain for a car that even moves at all under its own power.

I think I'd still rather have an M-Body chrysler though.. those were tough cars. one of these days I'm getting one of them, but it will be hard to part with the Bonnie when that day comes.

I wonder, how many of todays cars will still be running in 18 years? Cars from the glory days of the American auto are becoming rarer and rarer. Back in the 80s, noone outside Germany or the UK could touch American cars for reliability, and noone anywhere could touch their reliability at prices the average person could afford. Most of them were discarded not because they sucked or died, but because the owners wanted a newer car. If only US car companies would surge back on that front. Except for trucks, I see little practical reason to buy a new American automobile. Its sad...

I love my beat up 85 Bonneville. I loved my beat up 87 Gran Fury. Who else has an 80's American car they love?
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