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i don't know why i didn't ask before...

i'm trying to pass a physical that requires a fairly comprehensive vision test. anyway, my depth perception is great, my vision is perfect, my color vision is perfect, etc... however, i fail because all optometrists get scared that because i've had eight eye surgeries to correct strabismus when i was younger (ages 1-8) ... that i'm somehow defective... i have a bit of a difficult time passing what's known as a cover test, which is where they measure the degree of shift in your eyes. also hard for me is the standard depth perception test where they show you a series of 5 dots in a line and one is supposedly more "raised" than the others in each line.

question 1: any advice for strengthening my eyes to pass the cover test?

question 2: anyone have access to the answers to the above mentioned depth perception tests? i would be eternally grateful and would do... well, anything... to get my hands on a version of the answers. it means the world to me...

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