Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost (xinsomnia) wrote in thequestionclub,
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

I work at a Red Robin. I'm a cook. It's a minimum wage job, where most of the people I work with are aged 16 to 23. We have this system where you start out on fryers, and kind of work you're way up. Most people, and I'm talking even really really immature 16 year olds, move up from fryers within a couple weeks, a month tops.

So there's this one newer guy who's 22. He's been working here for a good month or so. I don't know what the "politically correct" term is but, here in canada, it's indo-canadian. East indian? I don't know. So english is apparently his second language, although he doesn't even have an accent and he speaks with all the lingo and slang and everything. But he just is SOOOOOOO bad at his job! Communication is a huge thing. Like if he missed a call or screws up something, it screws us over for basically the entire night. He does this at least like three times a night. The girl who trained him told our boss he should be fired.

Now, I think he should be fired, but they're not going to fire him, they're just going to keep him at fryers. What do you think? Should he be fired? Am I overreacting?
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