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 1. What is your impression/opinion of Philadelphia? Howabout the people who live there?

2. What is your impression/opinion of Washington D.C.? Howabout the people who live there?

3. I'm trying to share files from our home computer to my laptop. Both computers have the same workgroup name and I have clicked the 'share with other computers on my network' button on all the files I want to share. The laptop is connected to the home pc via wireless internet, if that's of any consequence. So what's up? Why can't I access them? Any help will be MUCH appreciated as I suck at this stuff. And I also disabled the firewall on both computers for the time being because apparently that is sometimes a problem, but still nothing is showing up. And now another edit. By clicking on a 'share with other computers' button in the LAN connection, I got the files to show up...sort of. I can see them but not access them. I just clicked the 'allow users to change my files' on the home pc, but still, nada. Help?
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