Miyyu (miyyu) wrote in thequestionclub,

car buying

I am getting ready to buy a car. I have done a lot of research and I know exactly what I want and can afford. This morning I got approved for a great loan through my bank, so I'm ready to buy this car. I am ready to buy this car any day. Here's the problem: I want a specific model which means it will be used. I'm fine with that and though I'm finding plenty of them, the bulk of them are at small used-car only lots. The loan is through my bank, so I'm not worried about getting screwed on financing, but I AM worried about dealing with a business like that. Are my fears valid? Are small used car lots really sketchy places to buy a car or could they just be mom and pop small businesses? Should I just wait and keep looking til I find the car I want at a big name dealership that will offer me a good warranty?
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