Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass. (dazeydevyne) wrote in thequestionclub,
Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass.

Sensitive information.....

Have you ever found out something that you COULD use to your advantage, but knew it was smarter not to say anything? Something that you wished you never heard, so that you wouldn't blurt it out at the wrong time? (Good or bad?

My reason for asking: Since my parents moved out of town, I've been hanging out with a work friend of my Mom's. When the location my Mom worked for shut down, she applied for positions within the same company she had worked for for 15 years. She was told there was nothing for her, that she was "over qualified" for any open positions. Well, I found out that the REAL reason they didn't find a place for her was because she was so difficult to work with, that no one wanted her around.

My Mom & I don't get along a lot of the time, and she usually tries to blame it on me, and says that I'M the difficult, bitchy one. She refuses to acknowledge that she can be hard to deal with. And I know that the next time she picks a fight with me, I'll be SOOOO tempted to tell her what I found out.

EDIT: OK, guys, I KNOW that I shouldn't say anything to my Mom. I'm nearly 28 years old, and have been dealing with her insanity for pretty much 24 of them. I'm not looking for advice on what to do. What I AM asking is whether anyone has ever found out information that was, for lack of a better word, dangerous? This is an anecdotal question, not an advice one.

But thanks anyway, those of you who have offered suggestions.
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