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random friday!

I'm a 20 year old college student with a kickass part time job, and recently my mom and I have been talking about getting a credit card in my name. I'm not a big spender, I live at home and commute to school, and I'd probably use it for buying concert tickets for my mom and I, online orders (which I hardly ever make), and music stuff. I got an offer in the mail today from Discover. Mom keeps telling me to just go ahead and fill it out online and be done with it, 'cause that's a good one. I, personally, do not know what to look for in a credit card, so... what should I be looking for? What kind of limit can I expect if I'm approved?

I'm (still) considering a new backpack for this fall -- should I get a messenger bag or a rolling backpack? I have knee problems, so something alternative to the typical backpack that would be easier on the knees would be super nice. I'm thinking the messenger bag would be nicer when I travel, but the rolling backpack would be a huge load off my back (really) on campus, especially when my knees start hurting this winter. If I wear a messenger bag across my body, though, would that help with the impact issue?

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