Tray Dawg (bellapalmera) wrote in thequestionclub,
Tray Dawg

So, did anyone's MySpace accounts get "deleted"?

Actually I could care less about the answer to that, because your account has NOT been deleted. But I had to ask to keep w/the rules.

From Tom:
Latest Update: 08:59AM PST, Friday, July 28th. hiya - your accounts are not deleted. we're just moving some databases around to a new data center. we're workin on things right now.

I figured since there were enough people in this community, some of you are probably freaking out about now.

Now for an actual question, albeit a repeated one (probably): What is your favorite flavor of Jones Soda? Mine is Berry Lemonade. Did you know that Target sells it in cans? I did and I think I might have some now. What a way to wake up in the morning!
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