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1. Who is the most interesting person you've ever met? What made them so interesting?

2. Who is the most unique person you've ever met? What made them unique?

3. Hypothetical situation time! Pretend you are the parent of an 18 year old son and daughter. It's summer and you do not allow them to leave the 'area' (more than 30 minutes from home), go to parties of children you do not know, stay out past 1 (unless it's a sleepover or special occasion, which is allowed once every two weeks), attend concerts, smoke, drink, do drugs, have sex, 'hang out' anywhere except a friend's house, or go to clubs. What would you expect them to do in their free time? (This isn't a help me think of creative things to do kind of question, but more of what exactly do you think is going through an adult's mind kind of question, if you will.)
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