erica (pretentavenger) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does anyone know what this is saying? Maybe explain it to me with small words?!

Maybe, only character clogging gaols are found in mirrors. Our fascination with the mirrors transcendental veil, which drapes over the reflexive glass, emulates everything that strikes its optic lens. Does it reflect our emotions? Does it empathize with our entertained sentiments, or is the mirror just coagulated machinery that automatically responds with mockery and parody? I think my coperal body has shed skincells, the limit is infintesimal, but i dont think im the same person. Since we've last had discourse, I've changed some convictions and believes. This reassessment would nullify my etherial stage. Only leaving the astrological body, which is unfounded and pointless to this finite concubine brain. The endoprine deduction might only lead then to the ego. They too have become malulable and transmographied into something odd, that you wouldn't remember.
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