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I know, I've been very question-ey lately, but now I have another one...

Today I noticed that there are lighter patches on my monitor when I am reading text on the screen. I thought it was a smudge or something, so I cleaned off the screen. It seems to be getting worse...

It's probably three to four years old, I have it go on powersave when it's idle for a while, but I do leave it on more than off. Do you think it's going out?

(and even it if is, it's really okay, as I'm going to get a new monitor from my SIL in a couple of weeks...)

ETA: Okay, I was also running the VLC media player in the background. As a test, I put a lot of text into Word and highlighted it...the lighter parts I'm seeing is the image that I have paused on the player, EVEN with it minimized. WTF? Does this happen to anyone else that uses the VLC player? I'm really baffled! I tried to take a screen shot of it, but when I opened IrfanView, it wouldn't work and the image was there too! What the hell???
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