BlackDoll (black_doll) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ebay shipping

Solved/Answered. Yes going to send out UPS, already done, tracking number and all. If they have any problems they can call the guy. Thanks!

Real quick -

I have to ship something big to an ebay buyer, but they at first only provided me a PO Box (probably their default address). I asked them for a real physical address since I am shipping UPS and the box is huge. Regardless, I can't ship it to the PO Box.

So they replied saying "we have no mail delivery here. our address is ..."

Does that mean that they just don't get USPS mail there? So, UPS would delivery there, yes? Sounds like a normal house address....It confused me at first but then I thought just because they don't get "mail" there doesn't mean packages from UPS can't be delivered there....

I sent them an email but I wanted to ship this today, and thought I'd ask here in the meantime.

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