detonate_for_me (detonate_for_me) wrote in thequestionclub,

Squeaky shoes

Is there any way to make your shoes stop squeaking? I have a pair of cute, comfortable wedge sandals that are noisy as hell. They're the noisiest shoes I've ever heard. But they were cheap--I got them at Payless Shoes. It's the upper part of the shoes that's squeaking, not the soles. And apparently the upper part is made of leather.

Also, for some reason the tip of the right one smells like death. Seriously, it smells like a dead animal. So effin' gross! It's not my feet, and the other shoe smells fine. It's just the tip of the right one. I don't remember stepping on anything. Any ideas why just that one part of my shoe stinks?

Should I just throw them away? Jeez.
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