Frau Blücher (whatupbitch) wrote in thequestionclub,
Frau Blücher

We're preparing for our move, and I need to find some folks at the destination to unload the truck. Need to hire some grunt labor basically.

Anyone have any experience finding local labor to just unload the truck? I'll handle the long-distance driving, I just need some muscle to get the crap out of the truck, 'cause we're through doing that stuff.

Been searching the web, and all I can find so far are the "U-Pack, We-Drive" companies, which are exactly the opposite of what we need. I need "You-Pack, I'll-Drive." We're already covered on this end, just need to get the guys for the unloading.

Where does one go to find this sort of thing?

"Need three guys for 3-4 hours to unload all our furniture and stuff from a truck. Paying cash, etc."

EDIT: Already tried Craigslist. First stop, naturally. Unfortunately our destination city is, shall we say, not particularly Craigslist-savvy. So no luck there.
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