astarlitnight (astarlitnight) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Everyone knows that the key to a good night's rest is making sure you have sufficient time to sleep and having a consistant bedtime/waketime.
My boyfriend and I only really have the summer together (he goes to school about an hour and a half away), and we end up going to bed really late and getting up early (he works 8am-8pm most days).
SO. How do you make sure your sleep is really worthwhile when you have a wonky schedule?

2. How significantly does AC affect your gas mileage? And how much truth is there to the "its a wash cause rolling your windows down puts more drag on your car" theory? And, does it matter how high your AC is turned on?

3. Has anyone had a bad tattoo experience? Or regretted a tattoo that they got? My friend just got a beautiful, huge work of art on her back. She's allofasudden having second thoughts because she thinks she liked it better before they colored it (I think she's just pms-ing, but whatever)

4. Does anyone here frequent If so, what is your account name there?
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