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Mice in my engine.

How do you remove the glovebox from a car in order to get to the heating unit/blower/thing?
I don't know if I can just rip it out with no consequences, or if there's some hidden button to push.
Why do I want to do this?

So I live out in the boonies and there are mice everywhere. I think their genes have been spliced with roaches or something. The damn things are impossible to get rid of.
With winter upon us, the mice in the yard find the warm engine of my car an irresistible home and storage space.
There is also a small orchard near where I park my car. So the mice put little apples and pears in various parts of the car, usually the air filter area and the heating fan [thing that looks like a hamster wheel. Irony, nice.] Oh, and forgive my lack of technical terms, but vehicles are a bit esoteric to me.
I've taken it to shops before, and watched them take everything apart, clean and disinfect, and put it together again. The only part that escapes me is the glovebox. I can't seem to remove it. And I'm really tired of paying someone else to do something I could easily do myself.

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