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...How the HECK do you cuddle with your SO when you two are relaxing on a couch or lying down on a bed?

The guy I'm seeing is a lefty, so I sit/lay on the left side and he sits/lays on the right side. He will put his left hand/arm around me, and do whatever with his right hand/arm. I will rest my left hand/arm on his stomach, but my right arm stays firmly stuck at my side. I can't put my right arm around him, because he's usually ALREADY lying down before I can do this.

...Yeah. I've been in a few relationships already, and I can't figure out an even more comfortable way for ME to cuddle with him. >=( I -am- comfortable enough when I cuddle with him, but I'm not doing anything with my right hand and arm when we cuddle, and that has always bugged me.

If somebody could help me out, I would forever be indebted.

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