jennet (jennet) wrote in thequestionclub,

Tattoo stuff

Rawr. I'd love a variety of opinions so I figured this would be a good place to ask around. I want to get a tattoo! Actually, I want to get 2 tattoos, so here are my tattoo questions:

1. I'd really like to get something like this, but I seem to recall some famous person having a tattoo of a rosary around her ankle. I don't want to get it because of any famous person, or to copy them, but more because because it's a symbol and expression of my faith. I'm just curious how much time do you think I'm going to have to spend explaining to people that I didn't do it to copy someone? I don't want people distracted by details like that :P

2. I want to get a back piece between my shoulderblades (pretty much covering the area between my bra straps) that would include a trinity symbol and some wording (Veritas, Aequitas, Caritas) around it in some sort of circular pattern. Does ANYONE know how much that is going to cost me? I mean, ballpark? Moderate coloring/shading? Because I don't even have the faintest clue, and I don't really want to go in to talk to an artist until I have a better idea.

3. Any good recommendations for Austin/Houston tattoo artists? I'm thinking about going to Atomic on Burnet Rd because it gets pretty good reviews but I'm open to suggestions.

I think that's it. Thanks for any help :D

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