inhale and exhale on repeat (loveinillusion) wrote in thequestionclub,
inhale and exhale on repeat

I'm asking "santa" for a new camera this Christmas, because this Sony Cybershot crap just isn't working for me anymore. I had a Canon 3.2MP something a while back but it broke...and in comparision, even though it was a megapixel less, my pictures came out more accurate to how I saw things, and more clear than the Sony. It's not a horrible camera, but I want something better. I've played with all the settings, and I know what I'm doing, I just hate the camera and how my pictures turn out.

I'm looking for something in the 6 - 8 megapixel range, and not more than 500 hundred dollars price wise. As for features...I hate cameras with too many settings and options. I want a camera I can use every day, and use fast without having to go into all kinds of settings before I go to take every picture. As I said, I need something I can use every day for both fun, and serious work like photoshoots.

Also, it needs to be a camera that could actually be found in a store. Haha, my parents - I mean "santa" ? - don't do that online business..

Now that you get the idea of what I'm looking for, if you have a camera that sounds like what I'm looking for:

What kind is it?
What is your favorite thing about it? Your least favorite?
The price?

I would like helpful answers please, not just "Canon Whatever, because it's awesome!"

Thank you!

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