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financial aid

I was looking at my financial aid stuff on my school's online account just now, and noticed they had me down for a lot more than I thought. Thoroughly wtfing, I clicked on the online version of the award letter and saw that in addition to the SC LIFE scholarship, they had me down for the Pell Grant & Stafford loans, and when I checked my account summary it claimed I'd accepted it. Now, I got a version of the award letter dated two weeks ago that only had the LIFE scholarship on it, which I turned in with accepted and all. (It's all I need since I'm going to a 2-year school.) So I'm going to call or go down there tomorrow to make sure they don't try to loan me money I don't need, but I have some questions about the Pell Grant that my Google-fu isn't strong enough to answer and I didn't see answered in shadist's post earlier. Without further rambling tl;dr-ness, I was wondering...

1. Isn't the Pell Grant on a first come, first serve basis as far as who gets it is concerned? I mean, would my accepting the full amount even if I don't need it affect someone else's chances who may need it more? Answered, thanks everyone. ^^

2. Would whatever I don't use for tuition be taxed at all? My Google-fu is stronger than I thought. ^^;

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