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Questions for people in the UK who have been to college or sixth form

I just finished Year 11 and am waiting for my GCSE results. I was originally planning to stay on for 6th form at the comprehensive school I was attending but I just found out two things:

a. The new head of 6th form is my head of year 11 from last year. I wouldn't really mind except this guy is a major dickhead and I can't stand him at all. I spent most of Year 11 arguing with him and he's suspended me from school before. I can't stand to be in even the same room as this guy.

b. There's a bunch of new uniform rules this year which pretty much require me to buy an entire new wardrobe because I have no "plain blue, black, white or grey tops with no logos, pictures, or patterns" and no "charcoal grey trousers or skirt". This is going to cost me a fair bit.

My question: Is it really worth going back to the school if I'm going to have to spend two years under the guidance of someone I can't stand and can't guarantee I won't have a go at again and if it's going to cost me a fortune to buy a bunch of new clothes?

Would it just be easier to go to a local college to do my A Levels as none of them appear to have uniform rules and (hopefully) it'd be easier to get on with the teachers as a fresh start? The downside there is that I'd have to make new friends. Anyone know if it's too late to apply to college?

ETA: It's also important to know that if I do end up arguing with the new head I'll be kicked out pretty much straight away.
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