d_s (donnaidh_sidhe) wrote in thequestionclub,

costume idea

On Saturday, I will be dancing in a parade for the Illuminares lantern festival in Vancouver, B.C. I've got a base costume put together, but I need some advice on the accessories.

Here's the costume: light, black ankle-length skirt; garnet hip scarf with silver coins; garnet-and-black bustier with silver D-rings; garnet-coloured veil; silver zills (finger cymbals).

Here are my ideas for accessories (the more elaborate, the better): black and silver half-mask with red feathers OR silver and red acrylic jewels glued in a pattern to my forehead, red-and-black beaded choker and wristlets. Maybe braid some jewels/feathers into fake hair strands to pin into my hair. Makeup will be along the lines of (you guessed it) red and black.

What would you add to the ensemble? I can't change the base costume because it's all I've got, but any advice on accessories would be greatly appreciated.
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