Tray Dawg (bellapalmera) wrote in thequestionclub,
Tray Dawg

It works now... not sure how he fixed it or if it magically started to work again, but thanks anyway!

I need someone (*cough* shippo *cough*) to explain this to me in English, because I've tried Googling it and no comprendo.

My friend is unable to get onto any websites (although he can use Trillian just fine) and when he tries to access sites he gets "Socket Error 11004". I can't tell HIM to Google it because his websites don't work. There are 2 other computers in his household and they have no problems accessing the internet. He has tried rebooting, clearing his cache, and plugging directly into the modem. Does anyone know what is wrong with his intarwebs and how he can fix this?
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