Angelica Patridaice Major (omgangiepants) wrote in thequestionclub,
Angelica Patridaice Major

My friend and I got this craaaazy horrible idea. We were thinking about starting an LJ community and writing the URL on paper money and having the comm for people who got a hold of them. Obviously this wouldn't work out too well with just the two of us, we'd have to get a shitload of people doing it. Would anyone be at all interested in doing this or is it just too ridiculous for us to even consider?

EDIT: Okay, I should've cleared it up a little bit. Putting the community name on the bills instead of lj names?

From my friend-
We were thinking they could join the community and post about how they came across the bill, and then what they spent it on. Like: "I got the bill when I got change for my fast food... then I spent it on PR0N."
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