It's a teeth optional situation (wookiewife) wrote in thequestionclub,
It's a teeth optional situation

Maid of Honor Duties

Traditionally speaking, who is responsible for planning the bridal shower? I thought it was the mother/s, but I'm being told that -yay- I get to do this.

What other duties have been bestowed upon me, the first-time Maid-of-Honor? The bride is completely clueless when it comes to all things wedding. I mean, Christ on a stick, she forgot to plan for a cake.

The happy couple is threatening a joint stag party. The last joint one I went to was boring as hell. While I'm trying to convince them to not do a joint one, I should be coming up with ideas just in case they win the battle. If you suggest playing a board game, I will shove Scrabble tiles up your hole. That said, what are some things we could do at a joint party?
(Oh, and I know the best man is supposed to be in on the planning of this, too. But he's a lazy dickmunch that doesn't plan anything in advance. If left up to him, we'd all go to Taco Bell and hang out in the parking lot smoking cheap cigars and drinking Bud.)
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