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1. What kind of ghost or supernatural thing would scare the pants off you if you saw it? Not 'got attacked by it', simply saw it. (I figure a vampire attacking me would make me wet myself, but I don't find them particularly scary otherwise)

2. Now assume it has to be basically humanoid with a basically human face. What kind of ghost/creature would scare you the most there?

No answers from me because I can't really pin anything down.

3. Have you had hypnogogic/hypnopompic hallucinations, where you wake up and think you see something that isn't actually there?

Actually, yeah. Often I'll wake up thinking there are bugs on me. Screaming and flailing ensues until I realise it was only a dream. Three times I've actually seen something.
First, the giant shadow man standing in front of my window and the shadow rat that stole my pillow. (Screamed for my mommy and tried to throw the pillow at the shadow man, which prompted the rat to steal the pillow.)
Second, the albino tarantula hanging out on my leg. (Screamed at the top of my lungs and punched myself in the leg. Spent several minutes searching the bedclothes to find nothing.)
Third, the 'brain bug' clinging to the wall, which was later revealed to be a nail head. I saw that one quite clearly; it was small, brown, kind of hairy, and it had six legs, three on each side. (This is actually kind of funny... I was sure it had already gotten me, so I got a bedroom slipper and whacked it several times so it wouldn't get anyone else.)
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