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Chronic Pain.

Does anyone here have experience with chronic pain?

I had a lot of complications while I was pregnant that required a lot of surgeries and other unpleasant things and ever since have been battling a great deal of pain with my kidney.

I've gone through about five doctors, none wanting to take responsibility for it or how to fix it. They sent me to a pain clinic, where they taught me how to meditate, and gave me a great deal of muscle relaxants which basically make me not want to leave bed.

I was on percocet which was helping. It would at least target the pain and I could go on with my day after having the edge taken off, but it was decided that because I am young and a single Mom I must be "seeking" or some said bullshit.

How have those of you who have gone through similar situations or know those that have dealt with it?

The pain is enough to keep sending me into the er at least once a month because I can barely move and am just laying there in tears.

Any advice?
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