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journals and stuff.

1. Have you ever kept a real, handwritten/paper diary/journal? If so, for how long?
2. What do you think about parents who read their children's journals/diaries?
3. Has a parent ever read your journal/diary? Did they tell you? How did you feel afterwords?

I've kept a handwritten journal consistently since I was nine years old. I've had about eighteen of them that I've filled.

When I was about thirteen, and my family was in the process of moving from North Carolina to Texas, my mom read part of my journal. I was complaining about how I was depressed about leaving my friends and going to a new school for the second time in a year in a particular entry, and I saw her typing an e-mail to my dad that said something like, "...and Candice wrote in her diary that she feels sad about leaving." I felt incredibly disrespected and hurt.

I don't think that parents should read their kids' journals. Unless something serious seems to be going on in their kids' life. Other than that, though...

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