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ok, so, here's another clearly-not-hypothetical

you have to leave the country the first full week of september. your options are tuesday the 5th through friday the 8th, you're going to fly out at 9:25 pm on any night. you need to decide when to fly. these are the things to consider:

- labor day weekend ends the 4th
- the 8th is a friday and .: you'll have weekend travel traffic
- wednesday and friday are $20 more expensive
- you'd like to have as much time as you can in your destination, so you're not wasting your visa and so you can get settled in before you start classes
- an important event that you'd love to watch, but that's not NECESSARY to watch is taking place on thursday night. (for me, it's a football game, for the rest of you it's obviously a reading of wittgenstein translated into latin, followed up by a discussion of string theory) and you mostly likely would nto be able to watch it at your destination

my question is: which day would you fly out?

and, for another delightful bonus question:
what's something interesting or fun that you can tell me? or something you can tell me that would cheer me up? omgpitymeplz
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