Travo (original_copy) wrote in thequestionclub,

Kind of curious, but can one sell services off eBay? For instance selling web design, graphic design, typesetting, computer fixing, or even going as far as offering carpet cleaning services?

I know I've seen the joke things like, selling their body for one day, selling a date with them, etc.

But as far as serious matters go, can one actually sell services (and not necessarily a product)?

I'm thinking about doing something like this, I'm not too sure. I just to mess around and see what happens. If I can do something like this, I'm not entirely familiar with eBay but I have tried to sell a guitar on it in the past. I remember having to pay, I think because of the reserve? So, if no reserve is set, does eBay still charge? Basically I want to "try" it out, and see what happens, so I don't want to pay anything until I'm pretty sure I can make a profit off of it, and I've heard you can actually sell things on eBay without having to pay a penny.
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