we feel lucky when we wake up (explain_things) wrote in thequestionclub,
we feel lucky when we wake up

volunteering, houseboats, Nordstrom.com, and dog treats!

1. What are some good volunteer things I can do on weekdays(between 10AM and 3PM)that aren't super depressing?
I've given up on finding a daytime job for the summer. I only wanted a new job so I'd have something to do during the day besides shopping. I've never had any luck with VolunteerMatch.org

2. Have you ever rented a houseboat? Would you recommend it?
My father is thinking about renting one just for the day in International Falls, MN, but I'm worried about it.

3. If you have ever ordered anything from Nordstrom.com, how long did the shipping take?
I ordered a few things on Thursday night and it still says "Order in process" I figured they would have at least shipped it by now since they generally have great customer service.

4. If you have dogs, what are some of their favorite treats?
My dog loves Frosty Paws, the dog ice cream. He was afraid of it at first though.
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