Piper (piperredfern) wrote in thequestionclub,

Traffic Tickets

In Texas, how to you get a speeding ticket taken off your record?

My b/f has a lawyer friend who said that (because the state never sent my driving record to me to take to the courthouse with my defensive driving) I could get it taken off my record. He told my b/f to email him to get more details, but he still hasn't responded to them (since May, when my b/f asked him).

My b/f has no other way to get ahold of him, and if I call up any other lawyer, they'll charge me. My b/f's friend said I can do it without the help of a lawyer. Any ideas how I go about doing this?

I was supposed to show up at the courthouse at the start of May with everything, but couldn't. I didn't bother going to talk to them, because a friend of mine went through the same thing and they told her she was SOL. So I guess I'm asking for both of us.

EDIT: Let me rephrase this: I didn't have a court date, just a deadline that I needed to go to the courthouse with my papers in order to get it dismissed. However, they won't do anything unless you have your certificate saying you passed defensive driving and a copy of your driving record (that you have to request from the state). I sent in a request (my friend sent in two requests), and she and I haven't gotten a single thing from the DMV in Austin. When she went in with just her defensive driving certificate (which I do have), they told her that it couldn't get taken off because she didn't bring her driving record. Because they would tell me the same thing, I just didn't go with the paperwork. I already paid my fines and fees. Also, they had my name listed incorrectly in the system (which I didn't find out until later could have in and of itself dismissed the ticket).
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