Well, darling, this is it (brokensemaphore) wrote in thequestionclub,
Well, darling, this is it

1. Who got me the paid account? I know it was someone in here!
2. Do you make your own LJ icons? If not, where do you primarily get yours?
3. Donnie Darko: love it or hate it?
4. I know what people's most liked accent is, but what accent do you hate? (If this has been asked too, crucify me)
5. Do you clean your ears with Q-tips or leave them alone?
6. What does your favorite shirt look like?
7. Are you offended by this shirt?

2. I made most of mine, the others I got from people who I saw had them (as opposed to an icon community)
3. Hate it
4. London/southern England, Austrailian, Scottish
5. I Q-tip, although I've heard that you're not supposed to
6. It's a 20-year-old shirt my dad had that says EATAGOB over a viking drinking a beer, and underneath it says "Ebullient and tasteless association of good ol' boys"
8. I think it's hilarious
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