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1. Your arch nemesis(ises) has managed to capture your signifigant other, your best friend (and no, in this scenario, your best friend and SO can't be the same person), and a class of 2nd graders from the nearest public school. They're locked seperate chambers and some kind of killer gas is set to be released so they'll just nod off and die, painlessly. You only have time to get to one of the chambers, break in, and keep the gas from going off - so who do you save?

2. Pick your two favorite bands. If this is insanely difficult and causing you stress, fine, pick three. Now pretend they are, for whatever reason, put in a wrestling ring and have to duke it out. Who wins? I want details!

3. Same bands. This time, instead of a physical brawl, it's battle of the bands, high school style. It's about who can shred faster, whose lyrics make you sniffle, which bass gets the place thumpin', all that. Musically - who would win?

4. What's your favorite inside joke that you have with your friends? How did it come about?

5. What funny movie (or non-funny) do you quote the most often in regular conversation?

6. What is the most offensive joke that you know of?

1. Best friend.

2. Queen vs. CKY! The drummer in Queen, Roger Taylor, would come out swinging after CKY made fun of Freddie for being a fag and then CKY's guitarist, Chad I. Ginsburg, would hit him over the head with a beer bottle and then a big brawl would start. Queen's bassist, John Deacon, would cry in the corner. The dudes in CKY would freak out if Freddie got flirty with them, which could give Queen a slight advantage, but in the end, CKY would kick their asses.

3. CKY has the more creative lyrics and chord progression, but I'm fairly certain that Brian May could out do both of the guys from CKY on guitar. Although Deron can get into some cool death metal shredding, Brian May is just, well, Brian May. That and the fact Queen has Freddie Mercury's vocals, even if they're singing about bicycles and his pet cat, own all. Queen would definitely come out on top.

4. I guess 'yes, definitely', which covers pretty much all our inside jokes. It's the name of our "tv show" that we got by asking a magic 8 ball what to call the show and the answer was 'yes, definitely'.

5. Grizzly Man. Oh my god. Most hilarious movie EVER. It's not even supposed to be, but, just, wow, the people in it were all fucking nuts.

6. Tie between these two. How did the inspectors know Princess Di had dandruff? They found her Head & Shoulders underneath the front wheel of the car. And. What's small, red, and climbs up your leg? A homesick abortion.
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