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1) There was a movie I watched on TV with my parents probably in the late '90s but I can't remember what it was.
I only remember part of it. Basically, it's a man and woman who seem to be con artists who are a couple? Maybe not a couple, but there was definitely sexual tension.
Anyway, I remember the guy to be bald or have a buzz-cut, a little Jason Statham-like, and the girl to have short blonde hair. But I could be completely wrong.
The scene I remember is them at this house they're trying to get into and the guy is trying to break in but the girl simply reaches over the door frame and finds a key. Then she tells him something about how most people hide keys in places that are easy to find or whatever.
And then they live in the house for a few days because the owners are apparently gone on vacation or something. She takes a shower. That's all I've got.
I don't know. Any ideas what this movie is?

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Cookie Dough Ice cream

2) Do you eat all the cookie dough balls in cookie dough ice cream and leave the rest for somebody else to find? Be honest.
I once felt really bad about it and took pieces of cookies dough, balled them up, and put them back in the ice cream.

This Community

3) Would it ruin things if you knew what everybody in this community looked like? Some people are featured in their own icons (including myself), but does how someone look affect how you think of that person? Would you prefer to think of that person with your own made-up image in your head?

Ghosts and things

4) Do you believe in ghosts? Have you had any experience with ghosts/spirits/those from the dead/etc.?

5) Ooh, what about werewolves/fantasy creatures/etc.? Beliefs, experiences?

Criminals, yay!

6) Has your (or somebody you know) house ever been broken into/robbed? While you or that person was there? Have you ever seen someone lingering outside your house at night who shouldn't have been? Or anything of the like?


7) Am I far too active in this community or not active enough?
I take breaks from communities sometimes, so I'm not always up to date on things. I'm not incredibly active. However, at the moment, I'm thinking of every question I want to ask here.

8) Ugh, why can't I remember everything else I was going to ask?


TV Shows

9) Do you watch any detective/mystery-type shows? Which ones?

10) Have you been watching USA's Psych? How do you feel about it?
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