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Hamster Vampirism And Rabies

Since there was a great amount of interest in a seldom-talked-about topic (at least not that I have seen in this forum), I am re-posting the question posted and then deleted by someone else (whose identity will not be mentioned, in the interests of ZOMG INTERNET PRIVACY!!!!111 just recently:

"I was trying to pick up my hamster and she bit me really hard. It drew blood almost immediately. I am sure she got some of my blood in her mouth. If she did taste my blood, will it cause her to go rabid?"

Please, people. This is a serious issue. Be sensitive. Any tips/suggestions/preventative measures to control the vampirism of hamsters, gerbils, or any other small household pets is appreciated. Just because we don't talk about it much in "nice" conversation does not mean it is not a real, and heartbreaking, issue to many.
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