Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring bananphone (lubedpumpkin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring bananphone

Stupid Windows XP

I created another user account for a friend who will be borrowing my computer while I'm away. It told me that I *had* to create an administrator act before creating another, which I thought was odd because the account I was using at that moment was an administrator acct. Anyway, I create a separate one named administrator, and the one for my friend, and thus it lists 3 accounts when I look at User Accts.

I had to restart, and when the startup screen came up it only listed the new admin acct and the acct for my friend. The old admin acct, and all my old settings/desktop stuff, are now gone.

I logged in under the "new" administrator account and my desktop was different, the startup programs were different etc, but most importantly the Sims2 saved stuff was all gone when I tried to access them in the game. Where did they go? Where's all the stuff that was saved to the other desktop? Is it gone forever? Because that would blow.
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