'_' (causticangel) wrote in thequestionclub,

Job questions

1. How do you persuade your contact at the temp agency you work for to find you a new job when the old one is still paying you money even as it destroys your spirit?
It took me 4 months to find this job, you'd think I'd be more grateful.

2. Failing that, how do you persuade another temp agency to give you a job?
I do have skills. I just don't speak the local language fluently enough which limits my options.

3. Given that I often don't have any work to do but have to be at work for a set period, is it OK to work on my own projects during that time?
I suspect my boss would say 'no'.
Would it be better to spend this time goofing around on the internet?
Somehow being unproductive seems more ethical.
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