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Okay guys HELP

If someone can help me I will be forever grateful and will sing your praises.

I have had for several days a sharp pain going from by back to my chest. It is mid back, just below the shoulderblade on my right side...and shoots clear through my body to my chest cavity, right undernearth the inner part of my right breasticle.

It's pretty much a dull roar from the back, but when I breathe deep in the front I feel a sharp piercing feeling... sort of like a knife is there. I also have had the worst time sleeping, because whatever position I am in it hurts. If I lay on my side it's almost like it's pulling on my breast.

I've tried googling, but chest pain is generally considered a heart attack. I wouldn't rule that out, except it's on the wrong side. My coworker said it's probably an air bubble in my body, however it hasn't moved at all and her prescription of drinking soda and burping a lot hasn't helped at all.

I've been going to the gym a lot more recently, and thought maybe I could have sprained a muscle when doing chest presses..but I haven't done it in a few 5 or 6 days and the pain has been going on for I guess 3..4 tops.

So! This is keeping me from sleeping and making life/living/working pretty painful. Help???
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