Beatface. (mindlessdork) wrote in thequestionclub,

Movies to rent & Work-related injuries


1) What are good fighting movies? (Not boxing or military, more along the lines of Fight Club or Green Street / Hooligans.)

2) I feel like watching something like Harry Potter or Narnia, any suggestions of good fantasy-type movies to rent?


3) Have you ever had any work-related injuries? If so, what were they and how did you get them?

I'm always getting knocked up (bruises, etc., I've never been pregnant, thank you) and coming home with marks, scrapes, and bruises that I have no idea how I got-like I'm still five years old. I don't really have any injuries from work but I have hurt myself there. One time on my way to work I was rushing out the door and hit my elbow on an outer wall corner. Gave myself what my doctor called a "bone bruise". I also cut myself with a pair of scissors for the first time at my job. I was opening up a new bag of candy (I work bar at Cheeburger.) and just kind of...kept cutting right into my hand. It was a pretty nasty cut. It was weird, I knew what I was doing but it just didn't click to STOP CUTTING INTO YOUR HAND, JESSICA. Still haven't stapled myself though, and I say that proudly. And I have constant bruises on my wrists because of this damn thing. When I'm making a milkshake I have to do this up and down motion and the plastic part on the mixer slides up so when I'm doing it I'm pretty violent (because I want to be efficient) and end up giving myself bruises. Sweet. Okay, now you share.
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