Mina (stereowaltz) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Have any of you had success petitioning a grade you didn't deserve? Is it worth it?
I asked for a breakdown of my points for a class I got a B in. I ended up 2.6 points away from an A. The only thing I can argue is that I should have received a higher grade on one of our assignments.

2. Can a person develop allergies to meat?
Lately when I eat chicken, beef and fish, especially by themselves, I feel extremely nauseous. I think my body hates me since I have issues w/ dairy as well.

3. What vegetables do you like? By themselves or with other foods.
I ask b/c I just realized that my friends strongly dislike vegetables, even common ones such as cucumber, tomato, lettuce.. wtf. This leads me to believe that people don't know how to cook. Is this why we like Rachel Ray?

4. Who loves Nong Shim brand Korean ramen?
If you've never had it, you must go buy some now. It's "gourmet spicy" and you'll have a wonderful happy time eating it.
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