Silentyrs (silentyrs) wrote in thequestionclub,

Very Political. I can't help it, I'm too irritated.

1. Did you know that the House is only scheduled to spend 100 days in session this year?
It's less than the famed "do-nothing Congress" of 1948 according to Buffalo News.

2. Did you know that the house reps just gave themselves a 3,300 raise in June?

3. How do you feel about the House in light of this?

4. Do you trust politicians?

5. Will you remember this in the next election?

1. I just found out about it today.
2. Yes... and I don't like it.
3. I think they're being controlled by special interest groups and acting out of greed.
4. No
5. Hell Yeah! I'm putting everyone who voted for these measures on my shit list.
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