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1. What's the longest period of time you've ever been without sleep? How long did you sleep when you finally did?

2. Do you like trail mix?

3. What's your favorite fabric?

4. What upcoming event are you most looking forward to?

5. What's the longest time, recently, that you haven't been on the Internet?

6. What would be the best kind of foam mattress to get?

7. Do you think your you are more, less, or as successful as your peers? Why?

1. Ugh, this past week, I've gotten maybe 30 hours sleep total, and I feel dead. I plan on sleeping at leas 14 tomorrow, though.
2. I luff it! Archer Farms is my favorite!
3. Satin & lace.
4. Seeing Gone With The Wind in a historic theater on Tuesday with a friend.
5. Haven't had that experience recently, but I'll probably be without Internet for the next two weeks, which is not fun at all.
7. I think I'm on average, maybe a little more so. Though I definately do have even bigger goals for the future.
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