one life to live (hotcouturewhite) wrote in thequestionclub,
one life to live

All right, here's the story morning glories:

I almost died today, by cement truck. I was travelling in one direction, and he--in the other...but... in the same lane. The dumbass was driving so fast around the turn that he was completely in my lane, barrelling towards me at ~50 mph on a bridge (speed limit for the turn is 25; bridge 30, btw). Luckily I was able to stop right away, and sat there screaming & honking. He was able to get back in his lane right before we would have had a collision.

I didn't get the plates, but I think I have enough information to report him or whatever. But should I? If yes, should I be urging for him to be fired... or something less harsh? I'm really pissed about the whole thing, but I don't really want to make someone get fired... I guess...

Thanks guys.
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