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political post!

1. what do you think about the US goverment's practice of not allowing pictures/film to be taken of flag-draped coffins returning from iraq? is it appropriate, in order not to make a spectacle, does it do a disservice to the men and women dying in iraq, or something else?

2. what do you think of the initiative that died in the house today about including multi-lingual ballots in the voting rights act renewal? do you think ballots should be published in many languages or english only?

3. do you know what's going on in israel/palestine/lebanon?

4. what the hell is going on in the world right now? mexico, india, the middle east, the g-8, the world cup, north korea, brazil, valerie plame, wire tapping, iran, labour scandals, russia.... jesus, the world is, like, falling apart! can i get a wtf?

1. i think it's BS, especially coming from a party which used images of 9/11 and terrorists like it was their job during the last election. too many people don't have this war hit home at all, and i think THAT is a shame

2. i thought it was a fine idea. if they're voting, they're citizens, they deserve to know what they're voting about. i can barely understand the wording of some ballot initiatives and english is my native language

3. yes

4. wtf?!
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