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I just got home recently. (From the Norwegian midnight premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean, if you'd care to know. :D! It was fun!)

Anyway - it is now 4am and I have realized my dilemma.

I have forgotten my contact lens case + glasses at a friend's house.

What should I doooo? I use 30-day contact lenses, and I'm not too used to them yet, and I'm not that many days into this pair. I have contact lens fluid here, but, well, nowhere to put the lens. I've thought of a bizarre scheme involving putting each lens in a big spoon and covering that spoon with another spoon.

But I'm not sure how that'll work.

Should I try using the spoons as a case?
Should I leave them in overnight as I sleep - I've heard that'll be incredibly painful in the morning, and difficult to get out?
Should I just stay awake all night and then totter to my friend's house in the morning to get my stuff back? It's 4am now after all, it'll only be a few more hours 'til the real "day" begins.

Heeeelp. D:
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