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staying the course

my question may be a little convoluted, but, i'll try to be as clear as i can. currently i'm trying to change my diet and lifestyle to be a little more healthy. i've stopped trying to lose weight, but just be more physically active and to watch what i eat (obviously i slipped today in eating wendy's, but this is part of my question here). this past week i've been dealing with a really crappy sore throat (more specifically a cankersore on my tonsil - blech!) which, since my body is trying to get rid of it, has left me really lethargic, tired, and just worn down. since i'm feeling crappy, my mood has been a little crappy as well. so, here's my question:

when you're trying to change your lifestyle for the better (or even just dieting and/or exercising more) and something comes up and you're either sick or just not feeling well all around, how do you keep yourself from slipping? fast food tends to be my comfort food when i'm feel icky, so when i'm feeling like i am right now, i reach for fast food rather than, say, going to the cafe and getting a healthier meal.

how do you stay the course with things are crappy?
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