goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

Post #2 of the day -- English 101

I'm not completely English-inept but I get confused on some things and I was trying to explain this to somebody who asked me and then I got confused myself.... Can somebody help me understand this?

Ok they were asking me about "well" versus "good" so I explained that "well" is and adverb and good is an adjective and gave examples of when to use it, blah blah blah.

She asked if it's correct to say "I speak well" or "I speak good" and I explained that "speak" is a verb so she wants to use the averb "well" to describe it.

Then she quoted her boyfriend, who learned English as a second language, where he has said "I don't like public speaking because my English isn't well" and asked if that was correct. So I explained that "English" is a noun so he'd want to use the adjective "good" to describe the noun.

Am I right so far?? (just checking, haha)

Then I got totally confused when she asked about how when you are sick, you'd say "I have not been well" as opposed to "I have not been good"

So when you say "I have not been well" is "well" being used as an adjective or and averb? And is it describing the word "been" or something else?
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