Merry (pridian) wrote in thequestionclub,

Great thing to wake up to.

What's something that someone has said to you recently that made you feel better/special/all around good?

My boyfriend emailed me this this morning:

I had some crazy ass dreams last night... But it was one that really
freaked me out. I was standing in my living room with my blinds open
and looking outside (daytime). The parking lot was empty except for 1
or 2 cars. There were several people standing around looking up at the
sky. Then I realized, it was a huge goddamn meteor and I was going to
die. I don't know quite how to describe it, but I was up SURE that I was
going to die, and it took me awhile to calm down.

Anyhow, my first thought was where you were and how I was going to get
to you. Crazy eh?

He's usually my first thought when something 'goes wrong' so I just got all the fluttery feelings again when his first concern was about me in an apocalyptic situation. :D
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