Valera (valera) wrote in thequestionclub,

a few questions

1) what soft should i use to track/keep record of my spending? basically, i'd like a DB of some sort where i could enter info about stuff i bought through my credit card or through other accounts, so that when the bill comes, i know what's what and what isn't supposed to be there. some sort of reports (a la data mining) would be nice. the only apps i know for this are MS money and Quicken. but i haven't used them so dunno if they're worth it. some years back i set up an Access db for my mother for these purposes.. but maybe that's not the best way to do it?

2) old cell phones. i've got an old samsung a650 that i used with verizon. now i got a new phone.. do i just throw this one away, or what? i was thinking of putting it up on ebay... but what are the chances of someone wanting it? same with an old camera i have. it's a 3.2MP toshiba PDR-3310. it's not a very good camera, and it's a buncha years old. i feel bad about through it away and dunno if i could sell it to someone...
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